Why Choose Us?

Alpha Safety Consultants LLC is client-driven and creates a plan that fits the needs of its clients in helping them mitigate risk, improve due diligence in safety, and improve business operations.

We not only have the desired experience that you and your organization(s) needs, but we also excel in customer service – to us, you are our business partner. We aim toward creating real connections, assisting our customers beyond the scope of what is absolutely necessary, and that sets us apart.

Alpha Safety Consultants LLC is easy to work with — we meet our deliverables on time, we provide excellent service, we prefer open communication for easy delivery of services, our safety standards are up to industry and governmental standards, and we cultivate real relationships. We are always here to assist.

Our Credentials

Registered in the National Registry of Environmental Professionals, the following national credentials and experience held will assist in providing solutions for your occupational safety & health needs:

  • Certified Environmental and Safety Compliance Officer (CESCO)
  • Certified Risk Manager (CRM)
  • Certified Occupational Safety Manager (COSM)
  • Certified Occupational Safety Specialist (COSS)
  • Incident Command Safety Officer (ICS-SO)
  • OSHA Authorized Trainer – Construction Industry
  • OSHA Authorized Trainer – General Industry
  • National Safety Council CPR/AED & First Aid Instructor

Furthermore, at Alpha Safety Consultants LLC, we understand that occupational environmental safety and health are important necessities to maintain in the workplace, which is why we create a variety of consulting services that provide work experiences that are frictionless and do not affect your day-to-day work.