About Us

With over 20 years of experience in the Occupational Environmental Safety & Health Industry, Alpha Safety Consultants LLC is a seasoned veteran in the occupational environmental safety and health services. Alpha Safety Consultants LLC was founded in 2023 as a humble small business that is aimed to mitigate and eliminate occupational work hazards by educating organizations on how to protect their workforce and business from such hazards.

Although headquartered in Groveland, FL, we are able to help companies all over the state of Florida, and as needed, nationally. Our goal is to provide excellent safety consultation services that will help reduce workplace hazards and injuries.


Alpha Safety Consultants LLC recognizes its ethical and social responsibilities of developing policies and programs in the interest of establishing and maintaining a strong Safety Culture for its clients. Our success is a consequence of the participation and full commitment of all our company personnel and customers alike.

Our goal and greatest responsibility are to provide clients with the ability to prevent, minimize, and eliminate potential hazards affecting its employees and members of the public. This is performed by providing professional environmental & occupational safety and health services in developing, training, implementing, and maintaining safety policies and programs in both general industry and construction industry.

We believe the safety and health of all personnel is and must continue to be an essential principle all organizations must adhere to. Alpha Safety Consultants LLC is committed to providing a proactive and results-oriented range of environmental & occupational safety & health services for effective implementation and enforcement of safety policies and programs.


Our aim is to help organizations perform due diligence regarding the safety of their workplace. We are not just a company providing consultation — we are their business partner who helps them understand the strengths of having a strong Safety Culture. Together, we constantly improve on mitigating and eliminating workplace hazards.

Key Member and Founder

Angel-L-Garcia -  Founder Alpha Safety Consultants LLC

Angel L Garcia